How to Improve Your Business Reputation for Free

As a small business owner, your reputation is everything. It will make or break your business. Warren Buffet understood the value of a good business reputation when he said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” But protecting your…
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The Non-Verbal Advantage: Your 5 Winning Tips to Boost Your Influence

You and most anyone can improve non-verbal communication like body language, to increase presence, influence, and confidence. Many of us don’t realize that in everything we do, we are communicating something. The question is, are we communicating what we want to be communicating? Nonverbal communication makes up the majority of our communication…up to 93%! I…
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Which business stage are you in?

Every business goes through similar stages, no matter which industry it operates in. Knowing what stage your company is in can help guide you in focusing your efforts on the right activities for your current situation. Here’s an overview of the primary stages of any business. Stage 1: Development This stage actually takes place before…
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Top 7 Tech Trends for Real Estate Agents

If you’re involved in the real estate market as an investor, agent, buyer, or seller, you likely already know that this is one industry that’s in love with the latest technologies. From the latest apps to innovations in customer service, tech innovations have dramatically changed how Realtors do business. Here’s our picks for the top…
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Five Critical Questions to Ask About Your Business

As the owner of a small-to-medium size business, chances are good that you already spend you-time answering countless questions every single day from employees, suppliers, customers, and prospects. The issue here is this – how much time do you spend asking yourself questions about your business? According to the Harvard Business Review, “companies often fail to…
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