Top 7 Tech Trends for Real Estate Agents

If you’re involved in the real estate market as an investor, agent, buyer, or seller, you likely already know that this is one industry that’s in love with the latest technologies. From the latest apps to innovations in customer service, tech innovations have dramatically changed how Realtors do business. Here’s our picks for the top…
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Five Critical Questions to Ask About Your Business

As the owner of a small-to-medium size business, chances are good that you already spend you-time answering countless questions every single day from employees, suppliers, customers, and prospects. The issue here is this – how much time do you spend asking yourself questions about your business? According to the Harvard Business Review, “companies often fail to…
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Quick & easy ways to promote your business

“I’m a member. How can I promote my business through the Whittier Chamber?” Write a blog! Have something interesting to share with the community? Maybe it’s a How-To article or the basic 101 of your business. Submit any articles you’d like to Celina by email Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email and within…
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8 business resources you can find at the library

You might be surprised at the business resources that can be found at our local library. Small business owners and entrepreneurs have access to anoften untapped resource that can provide a wealth of information. You willprobably want to find that library card or apply for a new one when you finish.We are delighted that Whittier…
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Words That Can Ruin Your Sentence

Crutch words slip into sentences in order to give the speaker more time to think or to emphasize a statement. Over time, they become unconscious verbal tics. Most often, crutch words do not add meaning to a statement. Here are 20 words for you to watch out for when talking to customers, or on your next…
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