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Board of Directors 2019 - 2020

Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez
Chair of the Board

Executive Committee

Bryan Tabizon

Chair-Elect & Vice Chair, Finance
Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary

Gary Lee Martinez

Immediate Past Chair
The Traveling Traveler

Trese Childs

Vice Chair, Community Affairs
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Whittier

Sandra Hahn

Vice Chair, Networking & Marketing
Crepes & Grapes Café

Debra Legan

Vice Chair, Administration
PIH Health

R.D. McDonnell

Vice Chair, Business Information
McDonnell Group

Laurie Perschbacher

Vice Chair, Membership
MAP Property Management

Cheryl Estep

Vice Chair, Special Events
Cheryl Estep - State Farm Insurance Agent


Celia Alvarez

US Bank

Leighton Anderson

Bewley, Lassleben & Miller

Susan Ayala

Athens Services

Judy Bradt

A Special Event

Shannon Gimbel-Hammer

Shannon G's Flowers & Clothing Boutique

Louis Gomez

FF Gomez

Oscar Hernandez

Boys & Girls Club of Whittier

Kwan Lee

Martplan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Greg Nicodemus

Credit Union of Southern California

Monica Peters

Hebert Design Werks

Nate Ploog

DialMED Home Care

Chamber Staff – (562) 698-9554

Carol Crosby


Jessica Reyes

Director of Member Programs

Celina Zambrano - Staff Directory
Celina Zambrano

Director of Public Relations

Christina Almaraz smol
Christina Almaraz


Cassandra Hendrix - Staff Directory
Cassandra Hendrix

Director of Memership

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Renewing Members

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I the Whittier Chamber

Telcog Communications
Hi, my name is Justin Tipton and I am the V.P. of Telcog Communications, located in Uptown Whittier. I have been with the Whittier Chamber for almost 3 years now and we absolutely love it. I decided to join the Chamber after speaking with one of my business partners who had previously been part of another chamber with a different organization. The Chamber has been great for us in several areas. We have been introduced to several of our clients through networking events and referrals. Not only have I gained new accounts, but I’ve met so many other business owners that have been a huge help in my ongoing education as an entrepreneur. The workshops have been great to learn new tips and techniques, helping me in areas I may not have too much knowledge in. If I have any advice for someone who is thinking of joining the Chamber, it would be to join right away! The team is amazing, the members are amazing, and it is one of the best investments my company and I have made.

Associated Cabinets
I was invited to join the Chamber as a way to grow my business and support the Whittier community 19 years ago. Due to the nature of my job and my work schedule, I am not able to attend Chamber programs. However, I know there is value in being a member whether you have time to participate or not. For such a small annual amount, it is well worth the investment. Especially because I don’t physically participate in Chamber programs, it’s important to keep my business name visible. For many years I have sponsored events such as the Hathaway Golf Classic, the Business Expo and Silver Shield to name a few. The Chamber has always given me great exposure and a good return on my sponsorship dollars. In addition, the Chamber connects me with other Chamber members, either personally or through my business. Most recently, I have done business with S & R Air Conditioning, All Day Drywall, James Hardware, Oromill Lumber, The Traveling Traveler, Pro-Tech Carpet Cleaner, Ken Grody Ford, Toyota of Whittier, Shannon G’s Flowers and The WetCleaners, not to mention eating at numerous restaurants that belong to the Chamber. In turn, over the years I have received business through my Chamber connections and have helped with custom cabinets, beautiful new kitchens, and remodeled bathrooms. Being a Chamber member has definitely helped my business grow. I can’t imagine anyone being in business without having the support of the Whittier Chamber.

MAP Property Management, Inc.
MAP Property Management has been a Whittier Chamber member since 1996. Joining the Chamber has been a smart business decision for our family. The Chamber has given us exposure to many other business leaders in the community and the opportunity to know City Council members, City staff, and employees. Most importantly, the Business Focus has brought in new business to our company by having a constant presence in the paper. Join the Chamber because it’s a great investment in your business plan. I don’t regret making this decision 23 years ago. I feel that the Chamber has given us resources that I could not have found on my own. I have made wonderful friendships along the way that I would not have if it wasn’t for the Whittier Chamber.

Steven Burns Photography
Through the years, being a Whittier Chamber member has been a plus for my business. Chamber membership has given me an opportunity to get to know other local business people and, over the course of time, develop relationships. One of the best chamber benefits is the monthly Wake Up Whittier breakfast. It provides the chance to meet business people you might not normally come in contact with. My experience has been that it translates into more business opportunities. I've been a member for 27 years and would not hesitate to recommend Chamber membership to anyone!

The Flag Shop
The Flag Shop has been part of the Whittier Chamber for 34 years when my mother-in-law opened her doors in 1985. We made the choice to continue being apart of the Chamber to be able to network with other business and be part of the Whittier business community. The Chamber has promoted my business, continued to keep me up to date with local business events, connected us with SCORE mentoring and because of this connection we have been able to advance our business by relocating back to the retail & restaurant Uptown area of Whittier. I encourage anyone with a business in Whittier to join the Chamber and get connected with other local business and let the awesome Chamber team help promote your business!


I joined the Whittier Chamber in July of 2018 because it is one of the best and most effective ways to network with local business owners and community leaders. Since joining the Whittier Chamber has been very supportive, not only by providing several regular networking events but also in helping to promote my business. Every local business should consider joining the Chamber. Your returns will significantly exceed your investment.

ACRO Printing, Inc.
In 1991, ACRO Printing, Inc, our one employee company, joined the Whittier Chamber of Commerce. Our membership has given ACRO opportunities to help us grow through volunteering on committees (where you meet and work with members to form relationships), advertising in the Business Focus, website and door to door flyer programs, networking, and education and staff training, just to name a few, to keep the business on the right track. We took full advantage of those opportunities, and through our partnership with the Whittier Chamber, we have grown into the solid company with many employees we are today.
Kim Ortega

Kim Ortega

Au.D. Doctor of Audiology, Whittier Hearing Center
“Being a member of the Whittier Chamber is important to me because it keeps me connected to other business owners throughout the community. They also help to keep me informed of local, regional and state issues that may have an impact on my business. Lastly, the Chamber gives back so much to the community and members support each other in so many ways.”
Mario Navarro

Mario Navarro

New York Life
“The city of Whittier has been my home for 22 years and it brings me great joy to be the local New York Life Agent here, I only wish that I would have joined and become a member sooner. Joining has given me a platform to share the importance of financial planning with young adults; something so important that many do not focus on until their later years or when it is too late. Thanks to the Chamber and its many events, I have been able to put myself in front of many people, some of who are now my clients and friends, and help them protect what matters most to them. If it were not for the resources and opportunities provided through this chamber, my business would not be as strong as it is right now. Thank you Whittier Chamber!”
Barbara Dunagan

Barbara Dunagan

Integrity Tax and Notary Services
“As I start my 2nd year with the Whittier Chamber I believe it was one of the best things I did when I decided to start my own business a year ago. Even though I have not been able to attend some of the events they plan, my information gets distributed through them regularly. New clients come in and say they found me through the Whittier Chamber. This is a great way to market and grow your business.”


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