Non-Profit Network June 2022

Nonprofit organizations are challenged every day to keep The Cause alive, to nurture the relationships that engage people, secure funding, and deliver crucial services to those who need them.

The Whittier Chamber of Commerce presents an opportunity for nonprofit managers to mastermind solutions, with other successful nonprofit leaders around the most pressing issues that threaten the survival of nonprofits.

Join Facilitator Marilyn Neece, of Neece Coaching and Consulting, to discover what works in building great teams – from recruitment and onboarding, to maintaining an accountable and effective team culture. Marilyn will share the practices, tools and resources being developed nationally by thoughtful and effective managers. Since Whittier has a remarkable roster of thoughtful and effective nonprofit leaders, bring your own success stories and earned wisdom for a clearer picture of what works here, focused specifically on your successful team of employees.