A Spare Bedroom Can Change a Student’s Life

Jovenes, Inc adds a new housing program, Host Homes, to get homeless youth off the streets

Los Angeles, CA— Jovenes Inc, a non-profit organization working with youth (ages 18-24) experiencing homelessness throughout East and Southeast Los Angeles, expands their services by adding a short-term housing program called Host Homes. The Jovenes’ Host Homes program is in the process of recruiting individuals or families in Los Angeles who have a spare bedroom and are willing to open their homes for up to 6 months to college students (ages 18-24) experiencing housing insecurities.

Jovenes’ Host Coordinator, Luana Coberg, further explains the Host Homes program, “Host Homes’ program staff will provide constant support to both student and host. The student will receive weekly case management support to achieve academic, employment, and permanent housing goals. The host will be provided with on-going trainings, support groups, and a monthly stipend.”

A study by the University of Wisconsin’s HOPE Lab found that 1 in 5 of LA’s community college students experiences homelessness. The chronic lack of affordable housing in Los Angeles leave students with few options but to sleep in their car, people’s couches, or on the streets. Host Homes is providing solutions to the affordable housing crisis by taking advantage of underutilized spaces in existing homes. These spaces are free of charge to students, giving them time to get back on their feet and become self-sufficient adults.

Jovenes continues to add innovative housing programs, such as Host Homes, to help fight youth homelessness across LA County. Jovenes is now asking LA community members to join them in this movement by investing in their community and becoming a host. If you are interested in becoming a host, or setting up an individual/group informational session, contact Luana Coberg at Lcoberg@jovenesinc.org. Website: www.jovenesinc.org/hosthomes.

Jovenes, Inc helps youth, ages 18-24, end their cycle of homelessness throughout East and Southeast LA County. Jovenes provides a variety of housing solutions, academic support, employment resources, life skills training, mental health support, and more. Jovenes’ mission is to help homeless youth become active and integrated members of our community.

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