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michelle-arden“Becoming a member of the Whittier Chamber was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. The members are all so warm and welcoming, and it feels great knowing that I am able to promote my escrow company and support the community at the same time. I recently gained a referral through my listing on the Chamber’s website and my clients could not be any nicer! Thank you to the Whittier Chamber for bringing people together and strengthening our local economy.”

~ Michelle Arden, Arden Escrow Services, Inc.

bob-fox“My wife, Judy, and I are first time business owners after 30 years in law enforcement (for me) and 30 years on staff for local ophthalmologist (for my wife). Needless to say, we had a lot to learn, and quickly, about starting this venture in our lives! We immediately realized the importance of joining the Whittier Chamber of Commerce and the enormous resources they could offer us. However, Judy and I have never just been “joiners.” We believe in getting involved, as we have in the past, whether it be coaching local youth sports teams, organizing church activities or serving on the Board of Directors for Whittier Christian High School.

Jumping right in with the Chamber allowed us to get to know them, and them us. The Chamber staff was very helpful and involved in helping us plan our soft opening and ribbon cutting/grand opening events. They introduced us to the right people and helped walk us through the various local and county government processes to not only open our business, but to open early with an already aggressive schedule. They made us feel very confident that we were making the right decisions at the right time, taking all of the uncertainties out of the process.

Working with the City of Whittier could not have been any better as well, due in part to the supportive partnership they have with the Whittier Chamber. We received our construction permits and business license in quick order, with minimal changes to our plans. The inspectors were very responsive to our contractor and his schedule and every inspection was completed thoroughly and quickly. It gave us great confidence that our store was not only being built quickly, but correctly.

The weekend before our ribbon cutting, my wife Judy had a medical emergency which put her in the ICU for a few days. The PIH Health staff was fantastic. However, even more fantastic was the support we received from the Chamber. Staff not only made sure all the bases were covered, but the turnout for our ribbon cutting was overwhelming! Although Judy had to miss it, the love and concern shown to her by all of those in attendance was very comforting. Judy is much better now, and we want to express a heartfelt thank you to our new family at the Whittier Chamber of Commerce.”

~ Bob Fox, Owner of Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n Bake Pizza

judy-bradt-testimonial“Word of mouth – the three words I tell my clients over and over. Being in the event industry, it is all about working with reliable vendors. Being a member of the  Whittier Chamber of Commerce, it is all about networking with those reliable vendors. I know when I get a business card and/or referral to or from a fellow Chamber member, I can rest assured I am being introduced to a professional resource. The Yellow Pages are great, but nothing beats the personal interface I receive at chamber functions. Networking is the key to keeping my business on the cutting edge in event trends. The Whittier Chamber offers the finest resources for networking whether it be the well attended monthly Wake Up Whittier breakfasts or a simple ribbon cutting. The support our company has received from the Whittier Chamber has allowed us to still be in business after 23 years! Do you want to be in business next year? Get out there and utilize the services the Whittier Chamber offers and NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!”

~ Judy Bradt, A Special Event and Volunteer of the Year 2013-14

ross-gile“Sponsoring Chamber events is a great way to reach new clients. Several businesses and non-profits hired me this year to design or re-design their websites and these clients continue to trace back to my involvement with the Chamber. During the Hathaway Golf Tournament, my client from the Whittier Public Library Foundation stopped by my “Dice Game” to inform me he wanted to do even more on his new website (repeat business!) and during the 19th Hole Mixer, John Peel told me he loves the new WHS Alumni website finding it very easy to navigate on his mobile device and then hired me again to work on the website for his own organization, Concept 7. It goes without saying that my Hathaway referrals have easily paid for my annual Chamber membership. I don’t consider my membership and Hathaway sponsorship a business expense – I consider it an INCOME! Thank you to all of my clients and to the Whittier Chamber for helping me build connections in our community.”

~ Ross Gile, DigiCal and Whittier Chamber Ambassador

ff-lg“For sixteen years my family has manufactured and repaired solid waste truck and equipment and offered custom metal fabrication & hydraulic consulting. In early 2013, our family business FF Gomez, Inc., moved from Los Angeles to Whittier and immediately joined the Whittier Area Chamber of Commerce. By belonging to the Chamber, we believe our family-owned business is making a difference in the community. At last October’s “Wake Up Whittier,” our investment paid off when we were introduced to the Business Development Manager for the City of Whittier. I expressed my concern for the declining operations of our business and stated that we would possibly have to close our doors, as we didn’t have the maximum power needed to continue operations. It was then that the City of Whittier facilitated with Southern California Edison to expedite the installation of a new transformer so we could get up and running at full capacity. If it weren’t for one of the Chamber’s staff members asking what they could do for us, we could’ve been out of business. Joining the Chamber turned out to be a wise investment for FF Gomez, Inc. because of the relationship we formed with the City, the same city in which we proudly operate our business.”

~ Louis Gomez, FF Gomez, Inc.


“The Whittier Chamber staff and advertising in the Business Focus newspaper enabled the City of Whittier’s Public Works Department to effectively market the sale of old street name signs. Since its publication, over one-third of the sign sales have come from the Business Focus advertisement. The partnership between the City of Whittier and the Chamber is awesome and we are truly appreciative of their efforts. We’ll make sure you get Valna Drive to display in your office, too!”

~ Chris Magdosku, Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Whittier


visiting-angels“Gone With The Wind”, which some say is the best movie ever, started as words on paper. That also goes for a short 2-minute and 7-second video about Visiting Angels for which I wrote the words, but bringing them to life was like climbing Everest. Who would shoot it, edit it and see beyond the words to the deeper meaning? My first bid in Los Angeles was not very productive. The firm in Orange County yawned. Then Geri Lee in our office suggested we check the Whittier Chamber of Commerce. Enter Brett Graham: small studio, tight quarters, but loaded with unlimited skill and pure genius for creating our video. Not only did he give us a fair bid, but his heart and soul as well. Out came 2 minutes and 7 seconds of glory for us. The video was brilliantly produced, and all because we used a Whittier Chamber referral. One member working with another. For Visiting Angels, this was the formula for success. Try it, you won’t regret it!”

~ Sonny Mathias, Director of Communications for Visiting Angels in Whittier

white-emerson“To the Whittier Chamber staff and Hathaway Chairpersons and Committee: The Hathaway Golf Classic was a wonderful event, and you should all be so proud of the hard work you put in to make it a HUGE SUCCESS. I know I have neglected to include everyone on here who helped make it happen, but success starts at the top and you guys are rock-star leaders! Please know this: what you all have worked together to create in Whittier is something remarkable. Any other community would be fortunate enough to have people like you who give so selflessly & tirelessly. However, these two descriptions only begin to describe what we have in each of you. Your constant display of enthusiasm, perseverance & poise has destined this city to greatness, and people like me could not be more proud of the place we live, work & play. Take encouragement in knowing that your passion for Whittier shows, and I thank you for it.”

~ Paul White,Funeral Director for White Emerson Mortuary


“Although it makes sense to join the Chamber of Commerce in the city where your business is located, I decided to visit multiple Chambers over a period of several months before making my decision. If the Chamber in my city was not on par with my goals, I was not about to join. In seeking out the best Chamber of Commerce, I wanted the “WOW” factor to hit me over the head, and the Whittier Chamber of Commerce did just that. I joined for the following reasons: 1) I was simply blown away by the way the staff and fellow members went out of their way to make me feel that the success of my business was important to them. 2) I was welcomed with open arms; I felt immediately part of the team. 3) The Wake Up Whittier networking breakfasts are out of this world; the timing and planning are always done in an organized fashion. Even though I know there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes, the Chamber staff is always smiling and making it look easy while making you, the Chamber member, look good. I thoroughly look forward to not just sitting and eating, but meeting and greeting so many great folks who are behind me 100%.”

~ Manny La Fosse, Reverse Mortgage Consultant

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