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What Our Members Are Saying....

  • Your constant display of enthusiasm, perseverance & poise has destined this city to greatness, and people like me could not be more proud of the place we live, work & play. Take encouragement in knowing that your passion for Whittier shows, and I thank you for it. Read More

  • The Whittier Chamber staff and advertising in the Business Focus newspaper enabled the City of Whittier's Public Works Department to effectively market the sale of old street name signs. Read More

  • Becoming more involved in the Whittier Chamber of Commerce is the perfect way to be visible within the community. I am sure it’s been said before, but to be successful in networking you need to be present; just joining the Chamber isn’t enough. Read More

  • Joining the Chamber turned out to be a wise investment for FF Gomez, Inc. because of the relationship we formed with the City, the same city in which we proudly operate our business... Read More

  • In seeking out the best Chamber of Commerce, I wanted the “WOW” factor to hit me over the head, and the Whittier Chamber of Commerce did just that. Read More

  • The video was brilliantly produced, and all because we used a Whittier Chamber referral. One member working with another. For Visiting Angels, this was the formula for success. Try it, you won’t regret it! Read More

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